After the Flood: 35mm
Historic amounts of rainfall in December of 2015 devastated the Mid-Missouri region. One of the many affected areas was the Valley Park Industrial Park which includes the Family Golf and Learning Center.
Misiano Skateparks
The Misiano Skatepark team (Blue Crew) in St. Charles, Missouri. Rebuilding the Youth Activity Park that after years of skating had become cracked and decrepit. Owner Tony Misiano's designs and construction have led his company to become a top contender in the industry.
Arcade Building
These photos are from an assignment I worked on shooting photos of the renovations of the old arcade building in downtown St.Louis. The building is being renovated in order to make a downtown campus for Webster University.
Bad Guy Muay Thai
Bad Guy Muay Thai Founder Joseph Mueller training at Watson Martial Arts in St. Louis, Missouri.
The Hill is on Fire
A warehouse fire in the St.Louis Hill Neighborhood on July 8th, 2015.
A Twelve Year Theme
I haven't been able to walk away since being introduced to it. Skating and its culture has been addicting since my immersion into it. It has only been recently that I began shooting photos of skateboarding.
Between work and school I often find myself with time to go shoot photographs in the middle of the night.
Cherokee Street
Photographs taken of business owners and employees of the historic Cherokee Street District in St.Louis, Missouri.
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